Center for Applied Research and Analysis

The Center for Applied Research and Analysis (CARA) provides evaluation research, basic applied research, training, and technical assistance on a variety of projects. CARA's goals are to contribute to the social sciences focusing on issues, especially the criminal justice system. CARA works to provide an atmosphere that strengthens links between research and the application of research in the community.

CARA also provides superior value to public programs and the private sector offering affordable, first class evaluation and research services. CARA brings years of researching and consulting experience to every project.

Our list of reports and projects are available on this website.

Student Research Assistants

The Institute for Social Research employs undergraduate students as student research assistants to help out with projects. They have a wide range of tasks and are an integral part of what we do here at ISR. 

Current students are: Maia Mason, Joe Pacheco, Katie Rickers, and Samuel Laird.